Nagata Shachu / Kiro (KNE004)

Kiro (KNE004)


Kiro (KNE004) released 2005 The ensemble’s most varied and sophisticated recording to date combining the group’s signature taiko drumming with such traditional instruments as the shamisen (three-stringedlute), shakuhachi (vertically blown bamboo flute), shinobue (transverse folk flute) and vocals.

  1. Matsuri Genso (Festival Fantasy)
  2. Hon Choshi
  3. Kaze no Seirei (Wind Spirits)
  4. Bidou (Micro-Movements)
  5. Hamajishi
  6. Tentetsu no Kase
  7. Kumo no Nabiki (Floating Clouds)
  8. Benten Bayashi
  9. Khanda Taiko
  10. Senba Oiwake


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