Performing arts organizations including Nagata Shachu were among the hardest hit during the pandemic  Our main source of revenues stem from performances and taiko classes, both of which we have been unable to do both for over 14 months.  Ticket and merchandise sales only cover a fraction of  expenses for each educational program, in-person or live-streamed concert that Nagata Shachu produces.  Studio rent, repairs to our instruments, payment to our staff and performers, and venue rentals are on-going costs that are incurred throughout the year.  Your support will ensure that Nagata Shachu is able to sustain itself through these difficult times and to continue to deliver its high standards of performance and educational programming in the years to come.

Nagata Shachu is a registered not-for-profit organization.  We are not a registered charity however, and therefore unable to issue a tax receipt. Thank you for your support!