Nagata Shachu / IROHA Live Concert DVD (KNE008)

IROHA Live Concert DVD (KNE008)


IROHA Live Concert DVD (KNE008) released November 18, 2011 Recorded live at the Fleck Dance Theatre in Toronto,this DVD features all new repertoire composed and directed by Aki Takahashi. This production greatly expanded the range of Nagata Shachu’s artistic direction and repertoire.

  1. Shinonome
  2. Kyara
  3. Ayame
  4. Tokiwa
  5. Yamabuki
  6. Sei Gai Ha
  7. Batta
  8. Sarusuberi
  9. Tonbi
  10. Shirogane
  11. Shikkoku
  12. Nishiki


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