Date Composed:2010
Composer:Aki Takahashi
Arrangement:Aki Takahashi
Premiere Performance:November 5, 2010 – Fleck Dance Theatre
Recording Title:Iroha Live Concert DVD

KYARA is an important ingredient in Japanese incense. This indescribable aroma is born from the soil. Buried beneath the earth, it takes many years to transform soft raw lumber into hard, scented pieces of wood.

KYARA is considered the finest among all scented woods and its deep colour is that of sacred, ancient trees.

Prayers naturally arise by mountain rivers. Our life is closely tied to faith regardless of religion. We beat our drums and dance to thank the heavens, pray for a good harvest, and beg for peace. That is the origin of Taiko. Because there is a prayer in which the spirit dwells, Taiko exists.

The scent of KYARA is said to ward off evil, take away impurity, and bring the greatest pleasure.

There is a demon that protects our land. He brings to the earth the purified air and scent of KYARA. When the demon god beats his drum, heaven and earth move with its rhythm.