Date Composed:2010
Composer:Aki Takahashi
Arrangement:Aki Takahashi
Premiere Performance:November 5, 2010 – Fleck Dance Theatre
Recording Title:Iroha Live Concert DVD

The deep green of TOKIWA trees. Like the English words “Ever Green”, TOKIWA implies “Never Changing” since the leaves stays green all year round.

Taiko is usually synonymous with movement. Thus, this sitting-style is one of the most difficult since we concentrate on stillness. It is similar to the training required in Zen.

By restraining ourselves with sitting, our bodies and breathing are tuned and our souls strengthened. We keep our mind plain and blank to beat the drum without thoughts or embellishments. We face the drum without thinking and pursue the sound of nothingness.

Superficial technique and fancy style are not necessary. You must keep beating until greed and selfishness are lost and you will become one with the Taiko. Only then will the sound of Taiko and your heart both be clear.