• Uchiwa Daiko (choreographed by Aki Takahashi)
  • Al Green Theatre
  • October 13, 2006

Uchiwa Daiko

Date Composed:1998
Composer:Kiyoshi Nagata
Arrangement:Kiyoshi Nagata - Choreographed by Aki Takahashi (2006) and Kiyoshi Nagata (2011)
Premiere Performance:November 28, 1998 - Music Gallery
Recording Title:Stone Path CD

Taiko are naturally constructed in a circular shape. Devoid of all corners, the simplicity of this shape mirrors that of the moon and the sun, and is a symbol of eternity. UCHIWA DAIKO explores through sounds and rhythms the philosophical depth embodied by this simple shape.

The movements of the taiko players have been added to complement this innovative and highly rhythmical piece. The larger taiko will call and lead the
UCHIWA (fan) taiko about the stage in a celestial dance. The interplay of the various circles and flowing movements unites this piece,
reinforcing the tranquil beauty found in simplicity. -Aki Takahashi

Uchiwa Daiko (choreographed by Kiyoshi Nagata) – Fleck Dance Theater, November 18, 2011