• Tsuzure premiere performance (with Shamisen)
  • Al Green Theatre
  • October 13, 2006


Date Composed:2006
Composer:Kiyoshi Nagata
Arrangement:Kiyoshi Nagata
Premiere Performance:October 13, 2006 - Al Green Theatre
Recording Title:Tsuzure CD / 10th Anniversary Concert DVD

The word TSUZURE conveys a number of different meanings such as to write or to weave. It also implies the taking of one’s time in each step of the creative process, the careful layering of each line or thread to produce an intricate tapestry. In this piece, the taiko, shinobue and koto (or shamisen) interplay in a thoughtful, restrained manner to produce a delicate musical picture.

Tsuzure (with Koto) - Ryerson Theatre, November 29, 2008