• Shinonome premiere performance
  • Fleck Dance Theatre
  • November 5, 2010


Date Composed:2010
Composer:Aki Takahashi
Arrangement:Aki Takahashi
Premiere Performance:November 5, 2010 - Fleck Dance Theatre
Recording Title:Iroha Live Concert DVD

SHINONOME is a pale shade often seen in the early morning sky, slowly changing its colour as the day approaches. It is crisp as the morning air, clear and magnificent, yet still dreamy and full of expectation.

“SHINONOME”: I can read or write it, but only when I say it aloud does it begin to breathe. And when SHINONOME, the morning glow, fills my view, no words can describe the experience it brings. A song of praise spontaneously arises. The song is a prayer.