• Miyake
  • Levico, Italy
  • August 7, 2005


Composer:Unknown - Traditional, adapted for the stage by Kodo
Arrangement:Kiyoshi Nagata
Premiere Performance:This piece was first performed in the early years of the group, although the exact date of the premiere performance has been forgotten.
Recording Title:10th Anniversary Concert DVD

This drumming style, where the players swing back and forth in an elongated and strenuous stance, originates from Miyake-jima, one of the seven islands of Izu. Formally called “Miyake-jima Kamitsuki Mikoshi Daiko”, this piece became popularized by the group Kodo and has become standard repertoire for many taiko groups. The style of Miyaki Taiko has developed as music for Gozu Tenno Sai – a traditional festival held in July on Miyake-jima since 1820. In this festival, they keep playing Miyake Taiko from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm to lead their ‘mikoshi’ portable shrines going around the town.