• Kakkazan premiere performance
  • George Ignatieff Theatre
  • September 15, 2005


Date Composed:2005
Composer:Aki Takahashi
Arrangement:Aki Takahashi
Premiere Performance:September 15, 2005 - George Ignatieff Theatre
Recording Title:Tsuzure CD / 10th Anniversary Concert DVD

Zen monks sit to meditate. When a monk’s concentration starts to waver, he needs “KAK” to awake himself. The sound KAK helps the monk to refocus his mind. Playing music too, requires the same discipline as meditation. One must wait for the precise moments to raise one’s hands, take a breath and make a sound. As the drumsticks strike the edge of the taiko, the KAK sound is produced, helping them to transcend to higher realms of enlightenment.

Kakkazan (new version) - Ryerson Theatre, Toronto, November 29, 2008