Nagata Shachu is generously supported by:

Nagata Shachu is generously sponsored by:

Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten: One of Japan’s oldest and most respected taiko companies.

Tecno Daiko: A new company that produces innovative taiko from environmentally friendly materials.

Taiko Center: is the comprehensive company that promotes global dissemination of Taiko, the Japanese traditional drums.

Osuwa Daiko: Taiko from Japan’s famed Osuwa Daiko Troupe: founders of the modern day taiko movement.

Taikoya RokuemonBeautiful taiko from this company based in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.


Nagata Shachu also gratefully acknowledges the support from the following organizations:

Ontario Music Fund
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Japan Foundation
Consulate General of Japan in Toronto
Embassy of Japan in Ottawa
Chalmers Performing Arts Training Grant
National Association of Japanese Canadians
Canada’s Year of Asia Pacific
Laidlaw Foundation