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KODO’s Chieko Kojima and Nagata Shachu Collaboration

Tickets:  416-441-2345
Online:  Ticketweb


Nagata Shachu in collaboration with Ken Yoshioka (harmonica, guitar, vocals) and Julian Fauth (keyboards and vocals)

Nagata Shachu’s 2017-2018 Season

Nagata Shachu proudly announces its 2017-2018 concert season!

Subscription package for all three concerts (save 30%): Subscription Tickets

Tickets for November 18th concert:  Half Cycle, Full Moon

Tickets for March 24th concert: Taiko X Blues

Tickets for June 2nd concert: Shamisen X Taiko


Toronto Taiko Tales DVD/CD and Bluray

Released April 2017,  Nagata Shachu celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of its hometown in Toronto, Canada with this professional studio recording of the ensemble’s signature pieces interspersed with evocative scenes of the city.

Review of “Toronto Taiko Tales” DVD/CD & Bluray.


Purchase online: http://nagatashachu.com/recordings/