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Rhythm, Stories, Movement

Nagata Shachu proudly presents their 20th Season opening concert “Rhythm, Stories, Movement” in collaboration with acclaimed story teller Rui Umezawa and contemporary dancers Yuichiro  Inoue and Noriko Kusama. 

Join us as stories both traditional and modern are brought to life with taiko, bamboo flute and shamisen, and interpreted through solo dance works.  This theatrical presentation, with lighting design by Chris Malkowski, seamlessly combines the timeless art forms of drumming, storytelling and dance, into an exciting and captivating new production.

Al Green Theatre. 8 pm.  Hart House Tickets https://bit.ly/2nZCeGP

Japanese Sounds of Canada

In November of last year, Nagata Shachu went into a studio to film music from its concert Half Cycle Full Moon, as part of ECG Productions series “Sounds of Canada”. Also included are interviews with the performers. The episode was just recently completed. The full performance footage will come out as a DVD on a later date. Check it out!

Japanese Sounds of Canada | Season 2 | Nagata Shachu from ECG Productions on Vimeo.

Toronto Taiko Tales DVD/CD and Bluray

Released April 2017,  Nagata Shachu celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of its hometown in Toronto, Canada with this professional studio recording of the ensemble’s signature pieces interspersed with evocative scenes of the city.

Review of “Toronto Taiko Tales” DVD/CD & Bluray.


Purchase online: http://nagatashachu.com/recordings/